How to use the webshop

Use of the webshop

On the left you see a list with names Those are primarily groupnames. You can click on the names. A new screen will appear.
Often it will show a picture, some with a parts layout. Beside or under the picture you will see a new list with subgroups. Click on the names to contunue to the sub-list.

On the top of each page you will see were you are in the menu. You can click on a previos menu and go back. Also you can use the Home option ( left top on the srceen) or use the back arrow in your browser


ENGINE PARTS | VALVE TAPPETS 004 |  you see the list with valve tappet and related parts under the picture ( if available)
primary group   |                  subgroup      

Groups or subgroup pages often have more then one page with parts listed. Sometimes over 10 pages. 
You can click back and forward through the pages with the buttons you find on the right top and bottom of each page.
Sample of how this looks: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   « Previous- 1-2-3-4-5 -Next

We have over 3000 parts listed.  With some exceptions pictures of individual parts are not listed

We have included  pictures from the 45" Spare Parts catalog for reference purposes. 
 Additional pictures for parts will be added in time.

Suggest you use the search option ( top left on the screen) to find your parts. 
Use the part names in English or the ( H-D) partnumber(s)

The item(s) you want can be put in the shoppingcart by clicking on the cart. You can always add or remove items.
If you do not want to use the shopping cart, you can e-Mail us with the list with items needed. Please include all relevant order info to include article description, articlecode and quatity needed. 
Also list your name, location information and email address. We will respond as early as possible. 

You can always ask us via email for further guidance

Much fun shopping